• Logan Marshall

VLOG : Another Bo Raynor Edit?

Another Bo Raynor edit? Yup. As I’ve said in my recent posts; we’ve been holding onto a lot of footage.

Bo Raynor and I just released an 8 minute clip titled, ‘Vlog’ using the throwaways from his latest edit with Sam Moody. Yes, throwaways. Meaning, the clips that weren’t used. Somehow his level of surfing in this video is just as adamant as the previous edit.

So why did we decide to make this? Well, after his edit dropped a couple weeks ago we realized we still had a lot of good footage that wasn’t used; along with several ‘almost’ clips that are typically frowned upon in the surf world. We stayed up late two nights in a row and made, ‘Vlog’

We edited this exactly how we wanted, we didn’t try to make it short, we didn’t try to make it trendy. We just kinda had fun with it, we compiled our ideas and different perspectives, we have very similar visions when it comes to the stuff but we also have two different styles. That's why it's so cool to me, it is completely a collaboration. Also, if you like music, we have most genres covered in this flick. We hope you take the time to check it out and we hope you enjoy it. If you don't, it really sucks that you wasted seven minutes of your time.

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