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Bo Raynor - The Best East Coast Surfing You Have Ever Seen.

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Five and a half minutes of the best East Coast surfing you’ve ever seen.

Big claim, right? I agree. But I also support the headline, because it's true.

When you watch an edit coming from the East Coast what do you normally see? Barrel, barrel, big barrel, long barrel, barrel blowing its guts out. While that’s fun to watch, it’s repetitive. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you don’t see many East Coast edits that have the variety of waves and maneuvers that this edit does, and it was filmed completely on the Outer Banks. Yes, Bo gets really barrelled in this video. But pay attention to the actual surfing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone make their rails so valuable on a surfboard in their hometown anywhere on the East Coast.

So let’s put this edit into perspective outside of ‘Bo Raynor absolutely rips’...Covid-19 hit, the Outer Banks was closed to visitors. What do we know about that? It gets really really boring. Thankfully, mother nature provided and we had consistent swells for most of

Bo's lonesome slab.

quarantine. While most of the nation was stuck inside of their houses learning how to make banana bread and obsessing over the new ‘Outer Banks’ Netflix show; Bo was surfing an undisclosed location on the real Outer Banks with green water and a right slab for weeks. This is true, not a lie. Go to the 3:00 mark and watch until 5:09, that’s all the same sandbar over a matter of just a few sessions.

We had just gotten home from Hawaii when all of this happened. Bo’s father, Scooter Raynor, former shaper and professional surfer, is a double lung transplant survivor. He has a weakened immune system so this coronavirus inconvenience weighs a lot on Bo’s family. Bo and I could not ride in the car together for these swells, we couldn’t take a break and go sit in the house together. But that wasn’t even too difficult. We would either hang out in the parking lot or sit in lawn chairs outside to hang out and waste time in between sessions. Here’s what got difficult: The entire surf world was in a rush to put content out because nobody had anything better to do but watch surf videos all day. There was suddenly a pressure of “Sh%t! We need to get something out while everyone is looking.”

We were too busy to even put an insta edit together and editing a full length edit is not easy to do over facetime, so Bo made the decision to save all of our footage. Nobody was here to know he was surfing all day everyday, everyone was distracted by the nonstop content anyway.

When did we decide to call it quits and finally make an edit? There’s no answer to that. Bo called upon the fast cutting, music enthusiast, Sam Moody (@clubmedsucks), to turn our hundreds of clips into one final project. There were two weeks of no waves while Sam was finishing up the rough cut. Guess what? Another swell. Literally the night Sam finished the rough cut, we sent him another folder of clips. He could’ve told us to just save the new footage for a new edit or to make a one minute insta edit, but instead, he sent us the rough cut the next day with all of our new footage in it.

So what’s my point in all of this writing that I’ve never done before? I honestly don’t know. I’ve never written about a video before and I am definitely biased to this one and will support my friend no matter what. But I do think you should ponder some of the points I made. If we told you that we filmed this edit on the Outer Banks then took a trip to France and Portugal specifically to save footage from foreign beach breaks...would you have believed us? Probably. I’ve been filming on the Outer Banks for years and can

Bo Raynor boosting in full neoprene.

say from my opinion that I believe Bo shows variety better than most people on the East Coast. Sure, people surf good on the East Coast and there are plenty of average working guys here that get more barrelled than anyone. Brett Barley from Buxton is more than likely the most talented surfer on the East Coast. But it's rare around here to see the consistency and variety to check all of the boxes as the twenty year old, Bo Raynor. So once again I say, this is the best east coast edit you have ever seen.

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